Bumper to Bumper Warranty

Bumper to Bumper Warranty is also known as new vehicle warranty or a basic warranty. As the name suggests, it covers the entire vehicle staring from one end to the other. This means all the parts included in the car comes under this warranty. It is provided by the manufacturer of the model and is for a specific time period or the number of miles covered by the car. In case of any kind of damage to any part of the car due to general wear and tear; it would be replaced by the car manufacturer completely free of cost. 

What all is Included in Bumper to Bumper Warranty?

An important thing to note here is that even though the name Bumper to Bumper Warranty, all the parts are not included in the offer. The warranty is generally offered on the parts which do not wear down naturally due to working of the car. For others, the owner would need to pay the money for any kind of replacement or repair from his pocket.

An example would include a wire used in the car. Now since this wire is not worn down due to normal working of the car, it would be replaced free of cost by the car manufacturer in case of any kind of damage. However, parts like tires, windshield wiper blades and light bulbs which get worn out with the passage of time are not covered. Other common exclusions include brake pads, aftermarket accessories, belts, hoses, exhaust system, rotors and drums. Also, you would need to pay from your pocket in case of an accident.

The engine oil and coolants are also not included as they are changed after a fixed interval of time. There are a few companies which offer free oil changes as well for a limited time as a part of their promotional drive.

You would need to buy additional insurance for the things not covered in Bumper to Bumper Warranty.

Time Period

The standard period for the warranty is either 36,000 kilometres or three years – which ever comes early. This means your warranty would lapse even if your car has done only 10,000 kilometres but the purchase date is more than three years old or the car has done more than 36,000 kilometres while you purchased the car just a year ago.

Before buying a new vehicle, it is therefore very important for you to go through the entire details related to the warranty offered. This would certainly clear out any kind of confusion in your mind and would also help in planning well for any kind of possible damage.